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ENDS Energy

Rana N. KabirRana N Kabir, CTO - has 25+ years of experience in designing and implementing Precision Analog & Digital systems where undistorted and uninterrupted signal and energy propagation is critical. This includes Corporate Network Infrastructures, Information Technology systems, Ultra High-end Audio & Video systems and Uninterruptible Power Delivery systems for mission critical devices. Continuous and uninterruptible delivery of high-current, clean power for Precision Analog and Digital systems is one of Kabir's specialties. Kabir is also proficient in the development and execution of business plans with emphasis towards using the latest technologies for efficiency and competitiveness.

Kabir has successfully served as the CTO of Maryland & California firms with extremely favorable results. In this capacity Kabir was the driving factor behind Aldana & Associates, the 2001 recipient of SBA’s National Small Business Advocate of the year award, presented by President George W. Bush in a White House reception. By integrating current technologies with legacy systems, developing better corporate technologies, leading businesses to develop better enterprise-wide integration and solutions through the use of the latest technologies, Kabir is able to increase the transactional efficiency and competitiveness of an organization. With 25+ years of industry resources and contacts Kabir is able to isolate needs, determine actions to be taken, lead and motivate a team while communicating results through industry specific reporting.

Joel RivenbarkJoel E. Rivenbark, Senior VP Manufacturing - has more than 20 years experience analyzing, designing and building information technology systems for the United States military and private industry. As an information systems specialist Mr. Rivenbark focuses on the conversion of paper based processes to web enabled database applications for improving efficiencies in business operations. He has managed several computer labs and is responsible for the testing of computer hardware, software and network systems and the analysis of virtual environments. He has also been responsible for computer based modeling and simulation of antenna systems. In his personal endeavors he fabricates mechanical components for a variety of applications, develops electronic motor control systems and refurbishes machine tools with a focus on improved precision and functionality. In this capacity he is currently outfitting his private 2200 square foot machine shop.

Matthew E. ZamoraMatthew E. Zamora, VP Software Development, R&D - excels at design of system architecture, particularly for computational elements. He has been immersed in computer science since high school, most recently as the CTO for a web-oriented nonprofit. Matthew has demonstrated strengths in integrating individual product components by means of a complex computational system. He brings with him a large diversity of computer science skills including web development, systems programming, graphics design, and microcontroller operations coding. Furthermore, he is knowledgeable about software/hardware interactions and advanced troubleshooting in those areas. As part of an entrepreneurial project he has built and maintained a custom fused deposition 3D printing system, including firmware modifications. Prior to this he spent a year and a half as an independent web entrepreneur. He has earned two bachelor's degrees from the University of Maryland in Biological Sciences and Psychology. Matthew's outside perspective often brings in original and creative solutions to various design elements.

Gregory A. UhasGregory A. Uhas, Engineering, Infrastructure & ICC - A recent graduate of the Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, Greg brings a fresh perspective to the team with his broad knowledgebase and engineering background. Coming from a science and technology background since high school, Gregory has been immersed in an out-of-box thinking style and advancing technologies for a number of years. Gregory is proficient in Computer Aided Designs and Mechanical drawings and has been instrumental in our Research & Development efforts. Greg is also our Technical Team liaison for speaking with other professionals for the purposes of networking and/or R&D due to his outgoing personality and communication skills.


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