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ENDS Energy

Power Generation & Storage 

ENDS Energy SGSNanogrid, Microgrid & Smart Grid Solutions
The ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® System with ICC Architecture can operate independently in islanded mode or connect together in clusters of any size to form a Microgrid and create a Smart Grid.


ENDS Energy GISGrid Independent Solutions for Home and Industry
ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® flagship offerings include completely independent off the grid closed systems able to provide all your power needs by harnessing the power of the sun and pure water.


ENDS Energy EPSEmergency Power Solutions
Natural and Man-made disasters can happen at any time. ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® Emergency Power Solutions provide power where you need it when you need it.


ENDS Energy A/VLab Grade Power Solutions
ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® power systems provide unsurpassed ripple free, clean power for all critical scientific, industrial and personal requirements. Our lab grade power solutions are fully scalable and can be sized to power any application.


ENDS Energy TransportableTransportable Power Solutions
Whether you are heading out on the boat for a day of aquatic leisure or to the mountains for a camping vacation, an ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® transportable energy system will provide you the optimal solution for your power needs.