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Rana N. Kabir Rana N Kabir, CEO - has successfully served as the CEO of California & Maryland startups with favorable results. In this capacity Kabir was the driving factor behind FlashBridge Inc., an Irvine California based Embedded Storage SSD chipset innovator, leading up to acquisition by Soligen Corp in 2011. By integrating current technologies with legacy systems, developing better corporate technologies, leading businesses to develop better enterprise-wide integration and solutions through the use of the latest technologies, Kabir is able to increase the transactional efficiency and competitiveness of an organization. Leveraging 25+ years of industry resources and contacts Kabir is able to isolate needs, determine actions to be taken, lead and motivate a team while communicating results through industry specific reporting.

Kabir’s skills are leadership, owning responsibility, direct communication and staying ahead of the latest technologies & trends. Part of Kabir's motivation is to foster an environment which will promote further professional growth while contributing something towards the greater good of humanity. Kabir believes that any entity, corporate or otherwise must have a strong sense of community and must contribute to improve the standards of humanity, therefore continuously seeking to align himself with people, projects, and resources to enable this transformation.

Leslie BarkleyLeslie Barkley, Managing Director - Leslie’s career has enabled her to ‘wear many hats’. Business consultant, business analyst, strategist, business and IT process specialist, operations manager, marketer, designer, renovator and industrial manufacturing manager. This varied experience whets her appetite for being able to accomplish that which has not happened before. But whether she is enabling a small start-up businesses to gain a leg up on their competitors or coaching multi-national Fortune 500 companies, like Delmarva Power, in reshaping their processes and changing the dynamics of their playing fields, the goal is to make the business – and the people who run it – work better. As VP of Strategy and Marketing for Diamonex, an ultra-high tech emerging market company, Leslie helped reshape the company to enable a small firm of less than 100 employees – 18 with Ph.D.’s – be one of the top suppliers in the world to a very sophisticated global customer base. That experience also enabled her to participate in several leading edge ventures, such as the Hypercar design project (a design project that incorporated Battery Cell power plant technology – thus facilitating rethinking how a car should be built – from the ground up). She also holds degrees in Business Management from Lafayette College and an MBA in Operations Management from Drexel University.

Steven M. DanielSteven M Daniel, Marketing Director – received a dual degree from University of Richmond concentrating on Cognitive Science and Marketing. As an undergraduate, he served as student call center coordinator where Steven led the call center in record-setting giving years for its annual fund. He has experience with infrastructure sales and customer support focusing on cloud connectivity and sustainable home energy. His background in sales of solar, battery, and efficiency conversion for a leading national energy product franchise, has made Steven well-versed in industrial, corporate, and residential energy management and storage systems. Skilled both in prospecting sales opportunities and strengthening client services, he maintains a high level of integrity in building and maintaining the ENDS Energy identity.

Steven's cognitive science background with distributed systems and extended cognitive agency provides him with an understanding of decentralization of power that has prepared him for an adaptive career applying computer intelligence to the evolving Internet-of-Things. His passion for clean energy progress provides the drive for ENDS Energy expanding its footprint and ensuring global accessibility of our ElectroSynth solution.

Paul R. BeeksPaul R. Beeks, CFO - is the Founder & Owner of Elite Financial Services, LLC., a Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC based CPA practice. Paul has 25+ years of experience in finance representing C-Corporations, S-Corporations and Non-Profit Corporations as well as Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. Paul provides quality, personalized financial guidance ranging from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as audits, financial statements and financial planning to individuals and companies. Paul’s expertise is in navigating the complexity of finance regulations, improving the condition of a company’s financial records, resolving compliance issues, and consulting in business operations. Paul’s methods and objectives are to assist clients in maintaining financial viability in the present while taking a proactive approach to achieving future goals. Paul’s strength is encouraging open communications and to reach an understanding of a company’s needs through thorough research and sound analysis.

Dennis H. Lambert, VP Legal/Patent Attorney - is the founder, owner & principal of Dennis H Lambert & Associates, a Burke Virginia based Intellectual Property practice. Dennis has been practicing law since 1970 advising a diverse set of national & international clients. Dennis specializes in mechanical hardware and software control system patents & trademarks. Dennis has an innate ability to breakdown mechanical designs from an engineering perspective, to fully grasp a patent’s implications and how it should be protected. He is also proficient in software copyright protection, especially software that controls hardware systems. Dennis' areas of expertise include Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & Entertainment Law.


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