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ENDS Energy Corporation, has developed a scalable Hardware & Software Platform called ElectroSynth®. This proprietary solution allows an energy user to create, control and store self-sustaining, uninterruptible, Point-of-Use energy of any capacity for any application with a ZERO carbon footprint. ElectroSynth® or ES® is derived from 'Electron' and 'Synthesis' since our boards are synthesizing an electric current from Hydrogen atoms. The Hydrogen atoms are in turn being extracted from a Hydrogen source, such as water, by using ANY available renewable or free energy source such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Kinetic, Hydro, Wave/Tide Generation, etc. During the day and/or during Renewable Energy Capture Mode, our Individual Cell Control (ICC®) Board gathers AND stores clean, safe Hydrogen which can then also be used by the ICC® Board to generate electricity anytime, anywhere. The entire system is clean, non-polluting, non-toxic, carbon free, safe & silent, and doesn't require exotic materials and/or solutions to produce and install.

For the impending Hydrogen economy our universal ICC® Boards finally offer an industry standard platform for Universities, Research Labs and developers working with new types of hydrogen extractors, hydrogen storage and hydrogen based energy systems. The universal ICC® Board can be instantly configured either as an electrolyzer for water splitting, or as a fuel cell “Stack” for electricity generation, or BOTH simultaneously. This enables rapid development and testing of new materials and material sciences for new types of electrolyzers and fuel cell membranes as well as the ability for a test-bed for virtually unlimited voltage & current configurations. For example fifty different types of membranes made out of different materials can be simultaneously tested and individual membrane/cell data gathered from one board configured as a “Stack”.

ENDS Energy systems built with the ICC® Boards are completely scalable and can be designed to fit any applications anywhere there is need for energy. Our systems are highly efficient and completely closed, requiring only Sunlight & Water and are capable of producing perfectly clean lab grade uninterrupted power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

The ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® System with ICC® Architecture allows the creation of islanded Nanogrids which can then be configured in clusters to create Microgrids of variable sizes, on demand and in real-time. In reverse, our ICC Controller can break up an existing Grid or Microgrids into Nanogrids, by adding our ElectroSynth® System at the Nanogrid level.

The ENDS Energy system can be configured and scaled for fluid processing. All fluid processing may occur at a local or industrial scale. Our architecture enables customized systems that can incorporate massively redundant nanotechnologies or leverage other highly efficient recent technologies. From water desalinization, to chemical decontamination, bulk fluid processing is an inherent extension of our core control and processing system. Our architecture, when applied to a point-of-use energy system, combines fine electrical control with bulk hydrogen, oxygen, and water processing. Get the benefit of acute operational control with ICC® Architecture from our intentionally pluggable and extendable core system.

The ENDS Energy system takes advantage of the latest technology in controlling your energy and fluid processing systems. Our system fully leverages fast intelligent algorithms. We use the latest in machine learning and distributed control systems to create adaptive, intelligent, and extendable solutions for control processes. Have the ability to tie in weather data into your energy system, or control multiple smart appliances through a common interface. Automate green energy processes such as water filtration, based on variable levels of “harvestable” energy. We utilize massive and diverse sensor and data inputs to create adaptive and predictive control processes for all control systems including energy control, fluid control, and manufacturing control.

Many of the barriers to new installations and Microgrid implementation are now eliminated or significantly reduced, making ICC® the technology of choice. Many of the environmental and/or geographical barriers to developing a location due to the near impossibility of creating an infrastructure (such as mountain-tops) have now been eliminated.

The flexibility of our systems allow us to design power systems for conventional suburban homes and commercial buildings, dwellings in remote locations with non-existing or unreliable/dirty power sources, emergency response, Nanogrids & Microgrids, transportation such as aircraft or watercraft, and much more.

If you need energy, we can provide it using Sunlight & Water as the ONLY fuel. Our systems are completely silent and do not produce any harmful byproducts. The ElectroSynth® System with ICC® Architecture is the only system on the planet that is:
  • a Zero Carbon Footprint System.
  • a 24/7 Continuous source of Clean & Stable power.
  • a Point-of-Use Power Generation System negating any need for delivery.
  • Easily scalable from Nanogrids to Microgrids.
  • Freedom in the truest sense, because it is completely independent and modular, yet inherently scalable.


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