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ENDS Energy

Microgrid and Smartgrid Solutions for Home and Industry

The ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® System with ICC Architecture allows the creation of islanded Nanogrids which can then be configured in clusters to create Microgrids of variable sizes, on demand and in real-time. In reverse, our ICC Controller can break up an existing Grid or Microgrids into Nanogrids, by adding our ElectroSynth System at the Nanogrid level.

For dwelling architects, community designers and city planners developing new locations without existing infrastructure, the ENDS Energy System with ICC Architecture is the only power solution that makes sense. Not only is this less expensive than existing models, it offers a degree of superior reliability, security and fault tolerance that is impossible with all other methods. Even in the midst of the greatest catastrophe, natural or man-made, only the directly affected, most localized individuals might lose power but it won’t affect the Microgrid or the Grid. Damage or outages happen only at the Nanogrid level. Also, the ICC based Microgrids and Smart Grids inherently lower the cost of maintenance & upkeep to a fraction of what is currently spent on existing power infrastructures.

Many of the barriers to new installations and Microgrid implementation are now eliminated or significantly reduced, making ICC the technology of choice. Many of the environmental and/or geographical barriers to developing a location due to the near impossibility of creating an infrastructure (such as mountain-tops) have now been eliminated. AND most importantly, a dwelling, community or a city designed and built with the ENDS Energy ElectroSynth® System and the ICC Architecture has a ZERO carbon footprint!


ENDS Energy ICC Architecture


ICC Nanogrid Strategy:

  • An ICC Nanogrid may not be directly connected to a grid.
  • It can operate independently in islanded mode.
  • It can operate stably in clusters of any size (in a Microgrid).
  • It can operate stably in clusters to create a Microgrid on demand.
  • ICC Nanogrids are Operationally Independent. This makes Microgrids and Smart-Grids based on ICC Nanogrids completely reliable and fault tolerant to the cellular level.


Nanogrid based ICC Grid Architecture:

  • ICC Nanogrids are the building cells of a Micro-grid.
  • Microgrids are the building blocks of a Smart-grid.
  • The Smart-Grid is then easier to build, manage and protect.
  • At every level the entire system is intelligent, efficient, self-sufficient, reliable, fault tolerant & self-healing.
  • The entire infrastructure can be built & deployed one Nanogrid at a time, spreading cost over time, along with the spread of the community.
  • The ICC architecture then significantly reduces the definition, size & costs of the Substation.
  • The ICC Architecture significantly reduces the barriers to Microgrid deployment and adoption.
  • The ICC Architecture then changes the very definition of the Grid making it inherently smart.
  • The ICC Architecture then eliminates the need for Multi-billion dollar power plants, literally putting power back in the hands of the community and the ENDS user.


The ENDS Energy ICC-SR is the intelligent energy nexus that automatically controls and configures the Nanogrid.