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ENDS Energy

An Innovative Company

ENDS Energy Corporation, trading as ENDS Energy, designs and builds Zero Carbon Footprint, alternate & sustainable Energy Networks using innovative Point-of-Use-Power-Generation & storage methods that do not use batteries. We specialize in systems that can produce anywhere from 1 watt to 1 megawatt or more in scalable systems of varying sizes, utilizing generators small enough to wrap your fingers around for the smallest applications.

Located in Montgomery County MD, we are pursuing solutions by starting with a clean sheet of paper, throwing out existing or “conventional wisdom”. This is allowing us to see the problem from angles normally eluded by in-the-box thinking and preconceived notions. Not surprisingly, a great many of our insights and subsequent solutions have come from fields not normally associated with Energy.


Corporate Mission

ENDS Energy empowers an individual energy user or a cluster of users to utilize clean Point-of-Use-Power-Generation methods to self-govern their own energy destiny by using our ICC® ElectroSynth® Systems to create a Nanogrid or a Microgrid infrastructure that is locally integrated in peer-to-peer networks that are inherently uninterruptible and fault tolerant, providing less expensive clean energy with a ZERO carbon footprint.


Company Cynosure

ENDS Energy was conceived at the suggestion of Physics Professor Dr. Wynn at Wakefield after reading our CTO’s proposal to create a clean, non-toxic and carbon-free, Point-of-Use Power Generation method in an infrastructure called a Nanogrid. Taking cues from nature, Kabir’s Nanogrid by virtue of its Cellular approach addressed and/or completely eliminated most of the problems and inefficiencies associated with modern mass energy production and especially distribution methods. At the time, after proving the concept in the lab, it was clear that considerable work was needed in material sciences technology in multiple disciplines to increase the efficiency of the components and to reduce the cost of the system to reach parity with conventional grid based methods.

From conception until 2010 the company was a two-person think-tank that focused on studying, collaborating and inventing patentable new methods & technologies needed to create a scalable Point-of-Use-Power-Generator. By 2010 the efficiency & cost of the system reached near parity and a concerted effort was made to break the cost barrier. From 2010 to 2014 the focus was studying, collaborating and inventing patentable new methods and technologies needed to create a scalable Individual Cell Control Architecture and developing innovative win-win business models to finance the deployment of Nanogrids. At this time the solutions came in the form of intelligent algorithms developed for the Solid State Drive & Data Storage industry and intelligent hardware and software controls created for stable & uninterruptible power solutions developed for the IT industry. Most of these solutions were developed from insights gleaned from twenty years of IT and Audio Engineering consulting experience by our CTO.

In 2014 ENDS Energy, added engineering designers, a management team, and invented & patented several key ElectroSynth® and ICC® technologies. Nearly three decades of R&D was needed to bring efficiencies up and costs down to marketable levels and to overcome utility interconnection barriers. The Company is currently in the process of strengthening its patent portfolio, building large scale prototypes and adding key engineering and management team members in the Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic regions.


The ENDS Business Model

ENDS Energy designs, builds, owns and operates peer-to-peer energy networks known as Nanogrids. Today’s energy is neither affordable nor reliable and it is certainly not clean or sustainable. The Nanogrid and ICC® Microgrids built with our technology is the only solution that mitigates or eliminates all of the problems associated with legacy power generation & distribution methods. We can completely change the way a new dwelling, community or a city is built and maintained, providing for cheaper, cleaner and sustainable energy generation & distribution methods that are virtually secure, uninterruptible, fault tolerant and self-healing.

ENDS Energy’s Nanogrid & Microgrid architecture integrate a variety of Pluggable Renewable Energy Modules to capture free renewable energy from Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Kinetic, Hydro, Wave/Tide Generation, etc., to power an user’s needs as well as to extract hydrogen from water within our ICC® Boards. This hydrogen is then used by our ICC® ElectroSynth® generators during a lull or an absence of the renewable energy source to generate electricity on demand. The entire process is fully automated using advanced computer control and it is inherently scalable to megawatt levels. The smallest systems can be held in the palm of your hands. The intelligent software and hardware provides for custom configurations such as AC/DC bi-directional power flows as well as clustering, using multiple Nanogrids to create Microgrids on demand. The systems are also remotely controllable/configurable by the user utilizing mobile devices such as iPads.

The systems are built using a Cellular architecture that goes down to the molecular level, hence the name Individual Cell Control® or ICC®. ICC® provides an unprecedented ability to generate & control power flows and integrate new distributed generation methods with the legacy grid infrastructures. The flexibility of our systems allow us to design power systems for homes, commercial buildings, communities, cities, Nanogrids & Microgrids, transportation such as aircraft or watercraft, dwellings in remote locations such as tops of mountains and much more. If you need energy we can provide it using Sunlight & Water as the ONLY fuel.

ENDS Energy systems with ICC® Architecture are completely scalable from 1 watt to 1 megawatt or more and can be designed to fit any application, anywhere there is need for energy. They are highly efficient and completely closed, requiring only Sunlight & Water but adaptable to ANY renewable energy source and are capable of producing perfectly clean lab grade uninterrupted power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our systems are clean, completely silent, easy to use, doesn't require exotic materials and/or solutions to produce or install and do not have any harmful byproducts. This makes them the only systems on the planet that can be truly called, ZERO Carbon Footprint Ready.


The ENDS Finance Model & Benefits

Our financing model allows the ends user to simply lease-to-own our energy systems as part of the dwelling. Since the utility payment is no longer necessary, the payment that is typically paid to the utility can also be the monthly payment towards owning the System. Once the System is paid for, the only cost is the service & maintenance of the System which is LESS than the typical monthly bill. One of the added benefit is the user’s monthly energy bill is now locked in and does not go up, as is the case with grid based energy. In fact, once the system is paid for the monthly cost is less.

A bigger benefit is the security and peace of mind knowing that the user is no longer dependent on the unreliable grid. Even in the midst of the greatest catastrophe, natural or man-made, when the grid loses its power it won’t affect the Nanogrid or the Microgrid created by our Systems. Finally, the biggest benefit is knowing that the user is no longer contributing to global warming and the energy crisis. In fact quite the opposite. Now an ENDS Energy user is part of the real solution of converting the entire planet to a carbon free, non-polluting, renewable energy that is the ultimate in environmental friendliness, and this can be done one dwelling, one community, one city at a time.


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