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ENDS Energy

Career Opportunities

ENDS Energy is seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our core team of co-founders. The right individuals will be given the opportunity earn an ownership stake in a cutting edge, renewable resources engineering concern. This is a unique chance that will allow you to participate in and influence the creation of technology that will fundamentally change how the world utilizes its natural resources.

Software Development
We are currently seeking several Software Engineers in a Linux development environment. These persons will be primarily responsible for designing and implementing kernel level device driver software components, and integrated technologies.

Below is a selection of the roles available:
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • AI or Distributed Algorithm Expert
  • Web API Developer
Requirements for these roles include:
  • BS or higher in Computer Science, Engineering or a related degree
  • Strong understanding of the Linux operating system, device drivers, daemons, libraries and development tools.
  • Strong programming and debugging skills- able to properly diagnose issues within the full range of the software stack and trace issues to other associated systems level non-software components.
  • A basic understanding of electricity and an interest in energy physics is a plus.

Hardware Development & Manufacturing
We are currently seeking several scientists & engineers from multiple disciplines to refine our technologies.

  • Materials Scientist
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Fluid Dynamics Engineer
  • Hydrogen Systems Engineer
  • Systems Integration Engineer
  • Manufacturing & Production Engineer
Requirements for these roles include:
  • BS or higher in Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Engineering or a related degree.
  • A basic understanding or experience with additive manufacturing processes is a plus.

Business Operations

  • Operations Officer
  • Green Tech Marketer


Additional positions are available, please inquire.