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ENDS Energy

What is the ENDS Energy solution?

The ENDS Energy System uses a proprietary process to generate clean, reliable, uninterruptible and sustainable power using water as the fuel, by utilizing the energy from ANY renewable (free) source such as the sun or the wind.
The ES System generates and stores clean, reliable, sustainable power by capturing the energy of renewable sources without using any kind of toxic and/or expensive batteries. The system is capable of capturing & routing energy from any locally available renewable source to extract and store fuel from water which is then used to generate power during the absence of that renewable source. The system is fully self-sustaining and provides continuous and uninterruptible power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Is sunlight or a continuous renewable energy source needed for your system to work continuously?

NO! Continuous sunlight or a continuous renewable energy source is NOT required nor needed for our systems to generate electricity in the dark. In fact, in extreme locations or in emergencies, the stored fuel that was created using the free energy in one location can be transported to generate power in another location and/or time where there is no renewable energy or water present.

Why should I use this system over my electric utility supplier?

The ENDS Energy system does not have the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of the grid. When electric power is interrupted by such things as natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes) or sabotage/terrorist acts, you will still have an electric power supply. In addition, for those sensitive to environmental concerns, the system uses only sunlight and water to create the electricity and produces no harmful waste products.

How much will an ENDS Energy power system cost?

Less than your current energy bill.

Who maintains the system?

ENDS Energy certified technicians will provide regularly scheduled maintenance.

If the system breaks down, how long will it take to fix it?

Our systems have the capability to be monitored 24/7 and an ENDS Energy certified technician will be dispatched within hours. However, our systems are designed to run continuously, year after year with multiple redundancies to eliminate potential failures.

If I don’t like the system, can I convert back to my electric utility?


Can I keep my utility power as a backup?


Is it noisy like a generator?

No. Our systems are virtually silent.

Does it generate heat? Will it need a cooling system?

No. However, our synthesizer does produce some internal heat. The size of the installation will determine whether active or passive cooling is required.

Do I need to shut the system down when I go on vacation?

No. The ENDS Energy Systems are smart systems. This means that their operation will be fully customized to allow for user input directly at your installation location or indirectly through a smart device such as the iPhone or iPad or an external computer. There will be default options which will allow you to alter system output at the push of a button.

Is your system safe?

Yes! The ENDS Energy System is safest power system known to man.


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