ENDS Energy

"The Infrastructure ENDS Here!"

  • ENDS Energy
    Have you ever thought about how much Free Energy is all around you right now??
    Look out the window and think about the following...
  • ENDS Energy
    The most abundant substance on the surface of the planet.
    Constantly in motion - limitless potential.
    Waterfalls...Tidal Flows...Waves
  • ENDS Energy
    Harnessed by man for thousands of years.
    Complementary to solar activity.
    A natural balance to the Sun's energy.
  • ENDS Energy
    Our star provides our planet with enough clean energy in 1 hour to power all of humanity for 1 year.
  • ENDS Energy
    Capture energy from the movement of any mass - even people.
  • ENDS Energy
    Abundant energy stored beneath our feet.
    Stored within the Earth itself for thousands of millenia.
  • ENDS Energy
    SO Much Energy!
    These Renewable Energies can help us produce electricity. Lots of electricity! More electricity than we can use at the time of capture. Wouldn't it be great if we could store that electricity, then use it for anything & everything we need to power for later, when we need it?
  • ENDS Energy
    The Solution
    ElectroSynth® lets us do just that!
    By storing energy in multiple forms, we can process that reserve to create electricity that can be used to power cities, buildings, homes, airplanes, trains, boats, cars, TVs and even your phone.
  • ENDS Energy
    The Potential of Hydrogen
    Storing electricity in the form of hydrogen presents a huge opportunity.
    We can take some of the free energy around us — energy that isn’t even being used — and use it to fuel our future.
    Best of all, the hydrogen we use to store that energy, can come from things that would otherwise go to waste.
  • ENDS Energy
    The Potential of Water for Energy Storage
    Water is all around us and is the ONLY source of Hydrogen that has NO harmful byproduct.

    Advancements in energy harvesting have allowed us to develop a sustainable way of extracting Hydrogen from water.

    The potential is clear and clean.
  • ENDS Energy
    ES System® Capabilities
    What if you could configure that same system to do a LOT more than just capture, store & release energy?

     - Make crystal clear water for drinking & agriculture.
     - Process industrial waste.
     - Even sequence DNA quickly & cheaply.

    What you can do with the system, is only limited by your imagination and the energy needed to do it, captured from all the FREE energy around you!

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